#summitSelfie @ 18,513' #MtElbrus

#summitSelfie @ 18,513' #MtElbrus

Made it!

Mount Elbrus is an extinct volcano in the Caucasus Mountain Range, located in southern Russia near the Georgia border. As seen in the picture above, Elbrus has two main summits.  The western summit, the one I climbed, is the higher of the two and stands at 18,513'/5642m. The eastern summit is 18,442'/5621m in height.  Both summits are covered in ice all year round. The first ascent of the western peak was in 1829 by a Russian army team and the eastern in 1874 by an English team.  With 15,554 feet (4741m) of prominence, Mt. Elbrus is the 10th most prominent mountain in the world.  Some people often think that Mont Blanc is the highest peak in Europe, but being several thousand feet shorter than Elbrus, this is not the case.  Although not one of the 7 summits, Mont Blanc is a mountain I plan to climb in the coming years!

Mt. Elburs, Russia - 18,513’ (5642m)

Will be sending updates of my journey shortly!

Mt. Elburs, Russia -   18,513’ (5642m)

Mt. Elburs, Russia - 18,513’ (5642m)

A quick video of the trip can be found below, enjoy!

Name:                   Elbrus

Continent:            Europe

Country:               Russia

Height:                 5642m (18,513’)

Mountain Range: Caucasus