Have you ever thought about how the plates that you put your food on can contaminate your meal?

If you are going to eat clean, consider eating on clean plates too.

I recently purchased new plates and got rid of my old ones. It took some online research and some shopping around. From what I read, glass is the best material to put your food on so I went with Corelle plates. Corelle plates are locally made in the United States. They consist of 3 layers of glass that are chip resistant and microwave safe. As a bonus they stack well and take up little room in my cupboard.

Here are some tips when shopping for plates:

-avoid plates containing plastic, lead and cadmium

-stay away from colourful plates – these colours can contain lead

-if you see some flatware you love but are not sure if the material is safe, do some research online about your specific brand of plate or call the company and see if they can help you