My name is Angela (aka #wifey). I am a Sports Specialist chiropractor who has a passion for food. I am all about eating clean, not only because real food tastes better but also because I know the effect it can have on your physical and mental well being. It’s often hard to find a healthy restaurant to dine at so it’s a good thing I really enjoy cooking and baking. I have never considered myself a creative person but I get creative in the kitchen because the Italian in me never follows a recipe 100% ;). I will be posting some of the recipes I make for anyone that is interested. These meals helped Eric with his training so they could be used for anyone trying to keep their body fit and healthy. Eric continues to train hard for his mountaineering career and I join him often at the gym or on a run/hike, so I am trying to keep us going with healthy but fun meals. Other activities that I need fuel for are running, yoga and snowboarding. I hope you enjoy these recipes as much as we do :) #yumaste (all pics taken with my iPhone)